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The purpose of the Community ARK Project is to gather those who have awakened and are aware that our environment is going to collapse as a consequence of accelerated global warming(a.k.a. climate change). This Project focuses on gathering those who desire to pool their talents, time, and/or resources in order to act on their awareness in a peaceful, constructive manner. If your heart you desires strife and conflict, if your heart desires political activism and protest, then this project is not for you. There are plenty of other organizations out there that can fulfill your "fiery" desire. This ARK Project is gathering those who are patient and peaceful; who strive to cultivate humility instead of pride; who has the qualities of the "ants" people instead of the qualities of the "grasshopper" people.

We are speaking to those of like mind who do not need convincing; in their hearts and in their thoughts, they recognize the catastrophe that lay ahead if our modern societies continue on their current path of promoting competition, strife, ignorance and scarcity. This Community ARK Project acts as a beacon so that those with similar mind set will know that they are not alone in their thoughts and impulses; that there are others like them out there who desire to come together to pool our effort in order to extract ourselves and place ourselves on a different path. One that promote cooperation, harmony, foresight, and a nurturing environment.

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